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Photographer Randy Gray is your North Georgia cabin photography specialist. Providing high-quality services to Blue Ridge Ga and the Tri-state area since 2011. To schedule an appointment, please call 706-972-4750 or e-mail [email protected]There are no hidden charges. Our goal is to be honest with you as well as take care of your investment as if it were our own. In the event of a business liability claim, we carry one million dollars of coverage. Zero incidents in the history of our company.



Cabin photography package


Under 2,000 sq ft. $699    

  2,000 sq. ft to 2,999 sq. ft. $799   

   3,000 sq. ft to 3,999 sq. ft. $899

4,000 sq. ft. and above call or email for your quote

Covered porches, decks, finished basements and garages converted into game rooms will be included in the total sq ft. 

Total sq. ft. is verified through your property's local county tax records. 


  • Your photo session will be scheduled to be shot in the evening right before and during the golden hour. This time frame is ideal for capturing stunning images.    
  • Using your private online gallery, you will be able to download your edited JPEG pictures. File sizes will be under 20MB as required by VRBO and Airbnb. Other companies may require different dimensions. We will adjust them according to your needs.
  • On your photo shoot day if the sky condition is overcast, beautiful sky replacements will be added. The same will be done for sunset and twilight. They are realistic replacements. 
  • A typical turnaround time is between one and three days. It is important to note that turnaround time may take longer during peak times. Our goal is to complete projects as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the work.
  • Fire can be added to fireplaces and firepits. There is a fee of $10.00 per image. 
  • The number of pictures will vary based upon the square footage/total number of rooms. A standard shoot includes the following number of shots: Living room three, kitchen two, each bedroom two, game room two, movie rooms two, hot- tub two, close-up shots of specialty areas like coffee stations will be provided upon request. Exterior picture count varies with the average being twenty. Some exterior angles will be limited if there are steep banks and or heavy tree coverage. Properties with creeks two, lakes two and rivers two. Additional outdoor buildings such as garage and barns two pictures. If additional pictures are needed above the standard package for larger rooms etc... the photographer will add any angles needed to properly feature your rental.     
  • Cabin subdivision amenities separate from your rental such as pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, lakes etc... will incur an additional fee if they are requested to be photographed.  
  • Clients will receive a list on how to prepare your rental for the pictures.      
  • In the event of inclement weather your photo shoot will be rescheduled to the next available date.   


In order to secure your date, 50% down is required at booking (non-refundable). Block your appointment date on your rental schedule. Please keep the day clear from any contractors or other services. This does not apply to cleaning companies.

The balance will be due after your images have been reviewed and approved. There are five payment options: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay and checks. 

At no additional charge, minor distractions such as lens flare from interior/exterior lighting are removed during the editing process.

In the case of major editing, a $50.00 per hour editing fee will apply. Examples are a pile of items under decks, a pile of construction materials, a trailer in the driveway, etc. If at all possible, please clear out all items underneath decks that will be visible in the pictures. 


-Usage of the license-

The photos are yours to use for marketing your properties and services for as long as you own and or manage the property.
It is prohibited to sell, transfer, or give the pictures to any third party. For instance, builders, stagers, cleaners, architects, interior designers, realtors, chambers of commerce, clients whose property has been sold, friends and family, etc.

The pictures cannot be re-edited or altered.   

Any third parties interested in licensing the photos should contact Randy Gray directly.
The photographer reserves all copyrights and ownership rights to the photos. It is in accordance with US copyright law.






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