BROADCAST Pro Photo- tips for preparing your house for pictures-

Please do not schedule any other service providers the day of the session. This includes cleaners, handymen, exterminators, cable/internet installers, etc. Have decks pressured washed.
Please do not schedule on a check-out day. Block the night before and make sure it is clean and ready the day before.
Please do not schedule when you will be staying at the property.  
Based on recent guidance from Airbnb, we no longer recommend staging with food or beverages that are not provided to each guest.
You do not need to be present. You are of course welcome to be there. I do prefer no one be present. It saves time moving cars, moving people out of the way. I like too systematically photograph your rental. 
Have all window blinds raised and or curtains pulled back.  
Please have all chairs, lamps, decor etc... perfectly straight. 
I will uncover hot tubs, grill covers, gas fire tables and setup pool tables. 
Please have everything underneath decks removed and hidden. Anything under decks will be visible in the aerial shots.
If there are any recently replaced boards on decks or porches, please have them stained to match. New boards you must wait 30 days before staining them. This is according to what contractors have told me. 
Fire pits have them cleaned out free from black burned wood. New firewood stacked inside the pit looks great.
Freshly stained exteriors of cabins make a huge difference. 
Fresh pine straw around the rental always enhances your pictures. 
Please let me know if any special instructions needed for patio lights, door locks and hot tubs. 
If you have any special areas, you want featured, please let know.
Please hide all interior and exterior trash cans.
Full rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms. If possible, have the rolls still in wrapping or stamped.
Gas fireplaces please have the pilot light on. I will start the fire for pictures. 
The window blinds will be raised, please have all windows cleaned.
In the kitchen hide the paper towels unless they have a unique holder.
Please ensure that all lights are working. Led lights look best. Upon arrival I will turn on all interior and exterior lights. 
If there are certain areas you don't want photographed, please let me know.
A properly balanced hot tub water makes the pics much better. A hot tub that foams up bad will affect quality.
Please no trailers etc... in the driveway.
Soap containers please hide unless they are in a unique container.
Interior doors that want stay open please secure with a door stop. 
Upon arrival I will do a walk through to make sure everything is presentable. The better prepared the rental is the more time I can spend shooting pictures vs straightening up things.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.